20.5.2019. Predavanje: Early dispute resolution as a strategic tool to manage the risk of disputes, HUP, Radnička cesta 52/1


Hrvatska udruga poslodavaca u suradnji s  Hrvatskom udrugom za mirenje i američkom Foundation for Sustainable Rule of Law Initiatives (FSRI) poziva vas na predavanje namijenjeno poduzetnicima, menadžerima, korporativnim pravnicima i HR stručnjacima, na temu 



Lecture for business people, corporate lawyers,

and human resources professionals

 koje će se održati u ponedjeljak, 20. svibnja 2019.  u vremenu od 14 do 16 sati, u prostorijama HUP-a, Radnička cesta 52/I., Zagreb (Green gold, ulaz R2).


Predavanje će biti na engleskom jeziku i besplatno je za članove HUP-a.

Prijave možete slati na gđi. Štefici Frančini, na adresu e-pošte: stefica.francina@hup.hr  , najkasnije do 19. 05. 2019. g.

U nastavku poziva više o predavanju i predavačima na engleskom jeziku:

Lecturers: Victor Schachter, Jennifer Brandt and Srđan Šimac

Presentation, discussion and questions

Business people and their lawyers are facing business conflicts and disputes every day. HR professionals deal with conflict challenges in the workplace every day. Any business and organization success depends on the way and speed of solving conflicts and disputes. There is a much better, different and more efficient way of solving all kind of disagreements, early and fast – mediation. Mediation is not just a method of resolving disputes, but the way of living and making business. The primary business purpose is to do business, not disputing.  So, avoidance of litigation as the first option has become synonymous for reasonable business affairs.

The only success in any conflict/dispute is not the victory, but the solution – the end of the fight. Mediation is the best tool to manage early conflicts and disputes and the risks coming from them. It makes business or workplace conflicts and disputes predictive. 

This lecture is an excellent opportunity to learn from experts from the country which has invented mediation and to find the right answer on the question: "Why business needs a different approach in resolving conflicts and disputes?"


Join us and get the opportunity to learn from the first hand from our American friends and experts - all you want to know about this wonderful subject.

Mr. Victor Schachter is the founder and president of The Foundation for Sustainable Rule of Law Initiatives (FSRI), an NGO dedicated to establishing sustainable mediation centers globally to achieve timely, fair and peaceful conflict resolution in countries with backlogged court systems. He has served extensively as a mediator, and as an advocate representing clients in numerous mediations and arbitrations over his fifty-year career. In addition, he has led rule of law and related educational initiatives promoting judicial reform, alternative dispute resolution and judicial case management in India, Brazil, Liberia, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Republic of Georgia, Turkey and Malaysia, among other countries.  Mr. Schachter has been honored as a California Lawyer Attorney of the Year for his service in judicial reform, rule of law and mediation building.  Previously, he was a litigation partner at Fenwick & West LLP in Silicon Valley, California for 17 years.

Jennifer Brandt, an FSRI Mediation Ambassador, is an experienced attorney specializing in mediating a wide range of complex disputes involving civil, commercial, divorce and family law, as well as family businesses. She has trained judges, attorneys and students in the U.S. and abroad and frequently speaks about mediation before the American and State Bar Associations, and business schools in the U.S. Internationally, and her work with FSRI, she has been invited to speak to the Supreme, Appellate, and Lower Courts, mediation associations, business and trade conclaves, and law schools throughout Brazil and India. Jennifer holds a Juris Doctor degree and a Master of Arts in Diplomacy and International Relations, specializing in international conflict resolution. Jennifer is IMI certified a founding member of the Global Mediation Exchange, CEDR accredited and a member of the CEDR Global Mediation Panel, and a member of the National Academy of Distinguished Neutrals.

Srđan Šimac, Ph.D. is a judge of the High Commercial Court of the Republic of Croatia and its former President, President of the Croatian Mediation Association, arbitrator, mediator and mediation trainer. He has extensive experience in resolving conflicts and disputes, in conflict management, leadership, management, and organizational skills. He is coming from a business family. He is mediation pioneer and one of the leading mediators in Croatia in domestic and international business disputes. He is a national and international educator in mediation, negotiation, communication and conflict management skills. He is an international mediator: Washington (ICSID nominated by the Croatian Government), London (CEDR International Panel), Vienna (VIAC), Roma (JAMS International), Moscow and Hong Kong. Srđan is a member of several international mediation organizations; an international mediation expert/consultant/accredited mediation trainer (CEDR; EBRD; IDLO); an author of articles on mediation and Ph.D. thesis - "Mediation as Generator of Change in Judicial System and Legal Profession." He is a winner of "mediation Oscar" - CEDR Award 2012 winner for ADR and Civil Justice Innovation; Croatian Mediation Association Award 2013 and Slovenian Association of Mediators Award 2016. He is not just a mediator; he lives mediation! And he is the one who never quit with the parties and their dispute in mediation".


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