CEA-Newspaper publishers association

The Croatian Employers' Association (CEA) is a voluntary, non- profit and independent employers' association that represents, promotes and advocates for the interests of its members. The CEA Newspaper publishers Association is one of 30 CEA branch associations which gathers all respective publishers in Croatia.

The CEA Newspaper publishers Association represents strong and independent voice and it is the only one representative publisher’s association in Croatia which advocates for their specific economic interests. The Croatian newspaper market is highly concentrated, and the members of CEA Association represent more than 80% market share through 3 leading publisher groups in the field of general information journals and magazines.

In the circumstances of significant changes in business environment and trends in the media industry, and bearing in mind the role of newspaper publishers have in socially responsible task of educating and informing citizens, it is necessary, through various support measures, to provide newspaper publishers with a better starting position in the economy and more appropriate business conditions in this field. Therefore, in 2020, the Association will focus its activities on the implementation of measures that will ensure newspaper publishers stable business and sustainable development.

CEA Newspaper Publishers have identified following program priorities as key areas of interest:

1. Reduction of the VAT rate for newspapers and equalization of all printed matter with daily newspapers (it is necessary to reduce the rate for periodicals from 13% to 5% and to consider the possibility of introducing a zero VAT rate for all printed information editions)

2. Adoption of subsidies to print media with the aim of reducing distribution costs, according to the model of legal limitation of the total cost of distribution (20-25%) while the difference is compensated to the distributor, or some other model (subsidizing the cost of production / printing).

3. Protecting copyright and personal data for digital publishing and monitoring the implementation of EU directives in the field.

4. Within joint activities through European News Publishers Associations - Active role and participation in regulating EU directives of publisher’s interest (E-Privacy Regulation, DSA…)

5. Strengthening the position of newspaper publishers and creating recognition within the media industry while coordinating with the electronic media with the aim of defining common points (Media Strategy, Media Law, Council…)

6. Strengthen the position of newspaper publishers within the line of government institutions (Ministry of Economic) and equal position as all economic activities with state institutions and bodies of the Government, with the aim of facilitating an adequate position of newspaper publishing in Croatian society and economy.


1. Boris Trupčević – Večernji list/Styria – President
2. Tomislav Wruss – Hanza Media – Vice President
3. Bojana Božanić – Lider Media– Vice President
4. Miroslav Ivić – Slobodna Dalmacija – Member
5. Ankica Kruljac – Novi list - Member
6. Bojan Divjak – Glas Slavonije – Member
7. Ivana Krajinović – Adria Media - Member

The CEA Association of Newspaper Publishers will continue to actively represent the interests of its members and insist on stronger support from the line ministry and relevant institutions, in order to positively influence the state of the media market in Croatia.


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