2.-3.6.2020. EO Summit + Eyes on Earth roadshow



2-3 June 2020

Official event of the Croatian Presidency of the Council of EU and EO4GEO project

in collaboration with Eyes on Earth Roadshow



Interactive on-line conference for international participants designed to present and discuss presence and perspective of earth observation education and application for future jobs and sustainable growth of EO/GI sector.


Following the success of the 1st EO Summit held in 2019 in Leuven, Belgium this conference has been prepared to inform the participants about the results achieved and tools developed in frame of the EO4GEO project from the safety of your home, office, school or university keeping in mind social distancing and hygiene rules that your national authorities have introduced.





For any conference related questions, please contact info@eosummit-zagreb.eu


For registration questions, please contact info@copernicsroadshow.eu


About the 2nd Earth Observation Summit

The Earth Observation Summit will discuss importance of space-based and related technologies education on future jobs and sustainable economic growth presenting results of the EO4GEO project. In the interactive environment Summit intends to exchange the views with the experts from business, government and academia sector about the project results and stakeholder’s expectations.


This Summit will:

·  Connect real-world problems and work processes as starting point for case-based learning scenario’s

·  Present how to design curricula based on the work processes modelled.

·  Demonstrate Body of knowledge for GI*EO and Curricula Design Tool

·  Provide view how could companies make use of BoK and tools: Occupational Profile Tool and Job Offer Tool

·  Present scenario’s for learning actions

·  And provide you opportunity to attend sessions presenting EU agencies and programs related to space and space technologies





Taking the Presidency over the Council of European Union Republic of Croatia promoted slogan, calling for a strong Europe in the world of challenges reflects our awareness of issues our society is facing today.

Croatian Presidency recognized Space data, services and technologies as one of the key elements which should foster sustainable economic growth and support overall welfare of the society.

Ministry of Science and Education prepares thematic priorities and relevant events during the Presidency of the Council of the EU in the area of education, research and space.

European space program flagships Copernicus and Galileo are one of the major contributor to the global use of space data and services that benefit the society and therefore actively supported by the Croatian Presidency.





EO4GEO is an Erasmus+ Sector Skills Alliance gathering 26 partners from 13 EU countries, most of which are part of the Copernicus Academy Network. Be they from academia, public or private sector, they are all active in education and training fields of the space /geospatial sectors.

Technological progress and globalisation offer tremendous opportunities for innovation, job creation and growth. This also requires people to acquire new skills in order to drive and support change. But which skills are they, and how can we build and shape the workforce of the future? This is where EO4GEO steps in.

EO4GEO aims to bridge the skills gap between supply and demand of education and training in the space / geospatial sectors, fostering the uptake and integration of space / geospatial data and services in broad range of application domains. The project works in multi and interdisciplinary way and apply innovative solutions for its education and training actions: case-based and collaborative scenarios; learning-while-doing in al living lab environment; on-the-job training and co-creation of knowledge, skills and competences.

The project started on January 2st, 2018; it will run for 4 years, closely collaborating with DG GROW and DG EMPLOYMENT to reach its strategic objective.


We are looking forward to e-greeting you,

Best regards,

The Ministry of Science and Education and EO4GEO Consortium

Implementing partners:

Ministry of Environmental Protection and Energy

Ministry of Construction and Physical Planning

Croatian Employers Association

OIKON Ltd – Institute for Applied Ecology

Croatian Crisis Management Association



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