The members and leadership of the CEA met with representatives of France's largest employers' organization MEDEF


31 January 2017 - Croatian Employers' Association met with the delegation of France's largest employers' organization MEDEF and their branch MEDEF International on a networking meeting with leaders and members of the Croatian Employers' Association. MEDEF International represents 800,000 companies and is responsible for organizing business missions to other countries. The meeting was held in order to connect Croatian and French employers and achieve successful business cooperation. Also, one of the goals is to present investment possibilities for French companies in Croatia. At the meeting the employers had the opportunity to exchange their experience, contacts and ideas for future business initiatives.
Welcoming speech was held by Mr. Bernard Jakelić, deputy director general of CEA and Mr. Charles Paradis, Chairman of the Business Council of MEDEF International and General Manager of the Department of concessions for Bouygues Construction. Bernard Jakelić praised the help that French and Croatian Embassy provided in organizing this event and our long tradition of bilateral cooperation. Highlighting the positive aspects of the meeting, Mr. Jakelić said: "The Croatian Employers Association as the only representative employers' associations in Croatia wants to enable successful business opportunities for their members. One of them are meetings such as this one which are certainly a good step in achieving this goal. Direct contact between Croatian and French companies will help all involved in overcoming potential barriers and will help Croatian employers to present themselves and their company in the best possible light on the EU market. "

After the meeting, Mr. Paradis said: "It is always with great pleasure that we meet colleagues and long-term partners from CEA with which MEDEF and MEDEF International cooperate for more than 20 years. Today's meeting and networking will surely not only strengthen our relationship, but also intensify economic and commercial relations between France and Croatia. France is the seventh biggest investor in Croatia, French companies continue to show strong interest in Croatia, as was witnessed today in Zagreb when 26 heads of large French companies attended the event. We emphasize the importance of stability of our relationship, the quality conditions of the business environment and the government will for creation of high-quality partnerships. "

MEDEF delegation includes representatives of some of the most important French companies such as Airbus, Bouygues, BPIFrance, LafargeHolcim, Veolia and others. The greatest interest has been expressed for the sectors of construction and housing, banking and financial services, energy and environmental protection. A large number of their members pointed out the need for more frequent maintenance of these and similar bilateral meetings that will enable companies to quickly present their business to other employers and potentially achieve quality cooperation.

HER. Philippe Meunier, French Ambassador to Croatia said: "This delegation of major French economic organizations shows what interest we pay to the Croatian economy and the level of trust we place in its development perspectives. Economic cooperation is an important component of our bilateral partnership that will certainly strengthen the perspective of Croatian Presidency of the European Union for three years. "
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