Sustainable business is the foundation of the future economy and there is no alternative


In the premises of Hotel Excelsior in Dubrovnik, a large conference was organized by HUP (CEA) and UN Global Compact on Sustainable Development: "Sustainability - the Future of Business". The world faces enormous economic, social and ecological challenges. It became clear that businesses could no longer progress if they did not advance both people and the planet as a whole. The private sector must be the driver of sustainable development, which is the foundation of the economy of the future we are striving for.
Gordana Deranja, President of CEA said: "Our members are invited to be responsible not only to their owners. Not just to their employees. Not just to your partners. Already to all stakeholders, towards the whole society. Nowadays no one can ever have the dilemma of profit or sustainability. These are not and must not be contradictory terms. Without any responsibility, no business can count on being successful in the long run. To be successful we must be socially responsible. "

The Minister of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts and Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Croatia, Darko Horvat, served as the envoy of the Prime Minister of the Government of the Republic of Croatia, and in his speech emphasized the following: "How much we attach to the importance of this conference and the theme is confirmed by the fact that there are three ministers of the Government of the Republic of Croatia today. When we talk about the sustainability of its universality, universality and transformational character are evident from the UN's sustainable development program, it is already referred to as: Transforming Our World. "

Davor Majetić, Managing Director of HUP, introduced speakers in the panel on the future of the workforce by presenting: "Four trends we need to take into account: technological and digital productivity, sources of workforce, changes in the way value added and future workforce . There is already a shortage of workforce in the field of high-tech jobs such as artificial intelligence for a lack of engineers. By creating value-added access to information that companies today have changed the ways in which they are realized. New technologies change the ways we work and open new values that we can give to our customers and customers. The future of the labor force - young talents want to be independent, work for more employers, be entrepreneurs, and this is also a question for the legislative power that needs to flexibly shape these new forms and ways of working. "

The panel discussion on the future of the labor market was attended by: Blaženka Divjak, Minister of Science and Education, Marcel Engel, Executive Director Global Compact Network Germany, Jacek Krawczyk, President of the Employers' Group, EESC, Lana Klubičko Runtić, Human Resources Director, and Ivan Bartulović, Chief Human Resources and Corporate Communications Director, A1. The debate was moderated by Iva Biondić, the pro-democracy leader for VERN's strategic development.

The next panel at the Sustainability - Future Business Conference was held on the theme of investing in sustainability. As an introduction to the panel, the presentation was held by Alan Rousso, EBRD's Managing Director, External Relations and Partnerships. Apart from that, the panel was attended by: Josip Funda, Senior Country Economist, World Bank, Ph.D. Ivan Mišetić, Secretary General, Atlantic Grupa dd, Vanja Vagić, Corporate Affairs Manager, Mars Multisales Baltics Balkan Adriatic, Sue Allchurch, Chief of Outreach and Engagement, UN Global Compact, Hrvoje Patajac, Controlling Director, Adris Group.

The final panel addressed the theme of the role of sustainable development in environmental protection. He attended: Igor Čižmek, Assistant Minister for Climate Action, Sustainable Development and Protection of Air, Soil and Light Pollution, Ministry of Environmental Protection and Energy, Velimir Vilović, Director, Cemex, Ruža Tomić Fontana, Director, Coca-Cola HBC Adria , Ðuro Horvat, Director, Tehnix and Mato Franković, Mayor of the City of Dubrovnik.
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