Representatives of Coordination of Social Care Institutions with Vice-President of the Republic of Croatia Milanka Opačić


The CEA- Coordination of Social Care Institutions held a meeting with the Vice-President of the Croatian Government and the Minister of Social Policy and Youth Milanka Opačić
The meeting was organised to inform the Minister about the situation and to reiterate the facts about the problems Social Care Institutions are encountering every day.
Moreover, provisional solutions were required to be adopted, until passing of a new Social Care Act and Regulations related to the Law, since the increased costs of living and inflation get institutions into a very unfavourable position, where they might not survive.
Participants in a meeting were Bernard Jakelić, CEA Deputy General Manager, Dubravka Lekić, Kornelija Videc and Nikola Joksović- members of the Sectoral Association and Marijana Filipić, Sectoral Association Manager. The CEA representatives reminded that the price of social care in private social care centres has not been harmonized with the living costs index since 2007, while for homes for the elderly and disabled people since 2001.
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