PUMA Seminar Held


So that the employers can be informed of the changes in the Law on Ensuring Worker Claims in the Event of a Bankruptcy of an Employer, the Croatian Employers' Association organized a consultation session, which took place on Friday, 19 February 2016 at the CEA Regional Office Osijek on the topic: Insurance of worker claims if an employer’s accounts are blocked.
In the implementation of the Law on Securing Workers' Claims in the Event of an Employer’s Bankruptcy (Official Gazette 86/08, 80/13 and 82/15), especially the last amendments to the act in force since 1 September 2015, there are some deficiencies and misunderstandings, specifically insufficient knowledge of the latest amendments on the obligation of an employer who does not pay a salary by the last day of the month for the previous month. The employer is obliged to submit a request to Financial Agency by the first subsequent working day for each worker to enforce payment of unpaid wages under special regulations. If the employer fails to do so, proceedings can start under and official obligation that can result in a seizure of the employer’s funds in order to pay wages (by a decision of the central state administrative body responsible for supervising the application of labor laws).

The most common employer mistakes in implementing the Act were emphasized at the consultations. The lecture was held by Zoran Ostović, BSC. iur., Director of the Agency to Ensure Worker Claims in the Event of Bankruptcy. Counseling was conducted as an interactive lecture, during which the lecturer answered questions from the participants.
This counseling session was held as part of the PUMA program funded by the Osijek-Baranja County. For many years, the county has recognized the quality of counseling and seminars organized by the Croatian Employers' Association for many years, which provide information that is relevant to the needs of its members and their business.
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