Promoting female entrepreneurship is seen as one of the potential ways to revive the economic growth through generating employment and contributing to the GDP. The event hosted by the Croatian Employer's Association and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, on 5th March, in front of more than 120 people in the audience highlighted various ways to empower women economically.
Gordan Maras, Minister of Entrepreneurship and Craft, presented the Strategy of Women Entrepreneurship development in Croatia 2014-2020 and supported the initiative to create common programme to support entrepreneurship among women.

Betsy Nelson, EBRD Vice-President introduced 'Women in Business Programme' securing credit lines with advisory support for ca. 100 women SME company leaders.

Davor Majetić, Director General of the CEA highlighted the role of the CEA – supporting women in achieving equal positions in the professional context, but also in promoting better image of all entrepreneurs in general and creating better conditions for all businesses in Croatia.

Vedrana Jelušić Kašić, EBRD director for Croatia, emphasized the value of human capital- in Croatia men are more active, 1 female project to 2.24 projects run by men, while in the EU the ratio is 1.86. Creating stimulating surroundings for women can lead to opening new women-lead businesses and help generate economic growth.

Nataša Novaković, CEA Advisor for Labour Market to Director General accentuated partnership with Ombudswomen for Gender Equality on the Progress Project “Dismantling the Glass Ceiling” and other projects eliminating discrimination in the work place. The CEA is a secretariat for the UN Global Compact – Local Network for Croatia, actively supporting elimination of discrimination in the labour market.

The event hosted two panel discussions discussing challenges and opportunities women entrepreneurs face.
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