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Croatian Employers Association (CEA) offers its members information on current legislative activities and the possibility of active participation in the legislative process. Likewise, CEA to its members offers support in collective bargaining procedures and legal assistance primarily in the fields of labor law. CEAs’ members also have a possibility of active participation in all local (regional) Economic-Social councils and have a direct impact in order to improve the conditions of their business.

Labour Act – Guide for CEAs' members


Dear Members,

This week new Law on Amendments to the Labour Act will be published in the Official Journal. In order to facilitate the application of new legal provisions, enclosed we send you a Guide with the explanation of each Article as well as the consolidated version of the Labour Act indicating all changes.

CEA did not participate in the process of making VAT legislation


The process of changes in the VAT system in the proposed Law on VAT is an integral part of the harmonization of Croatian tax legislation with European tax legislation. Therefore, an intense period of adjustment as well as a number of significant changes to the VAT system in relatively short period is expected.

Bearing in mind the volume and the complexity of the necessary changes, and short adjustment period, CEA was offering its expertise from the very begining, but we regret to say that the proponent of the Law – Ministry of Finance refused it.
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