Minister of Science, Education and Sports with representatives of the CEA


Minister of Science, Education and Sports mr. Predrag Šustar met on the 7th of March with the director general of the Croatian Employers' Association, mr. Davor Majetić, and employers' representatives, members of CEA.

An array of subjects was open regarding the improvement of quality of educational programs on the level of high schools and universities, by assuring the conditions necessary for the acknowledgements of the quality of the best programs, regardless of their origin (whether they're the programs of public or private educational institutions) by applying the Croatian qualification frame and in that way, adjusting the standards of education and qualifications with the needs of the economy, society and best practices throughout EU.
Representatives of the Croatian Employers' Association proposed the introduction of a financial model of encouragement mentoring by employers to allow all pupils and students to be able to achieve meaningful and quality practice through its education program.

Proposal of the CEA includes compensations for mentors for the implementation of mentoring programs, but also thorough monitoring of the quality of mentoring and achieving the set of learning outcomes that should be acquired by pupils or students during practice. CEA believes that this way it would be possible to reduce the now high expenditure for subsequent interventions for employment of the unemployed through the measure „Vocational training for work without employment“, especially because so far these measures were mainly focused on highly educated young people, as they neglected those who have completed secondary education and who already have more difficulties in finding jobs. They believe that this issue had to be agreed with the Ministry of Labour and Pension System so that the changes in the education system that were made necessary so that the unemployment due to lack of concrete knowledge and skills acquired through practice can be avoided.

It was agreed to urgently address the issues of realization of the program of state aid for research and development projects 2015th to 2020th and cooperation MSES and CEA in finding ways of stimulating the vertical mobility of the best students after completing a three-year high school so that the educational programs for crafts are made more attractive for young people.

Minister Šustar, stressed that this meeting is an initial one and that in future time he expects an even better cooperation with CEA particularly in terms of cooperation between higher education and science with the general economy and the private sector.
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