In Osijek, held an interactive seminar How to reduce stress


In search of HUP members, the HUP Regional Office Osijek, within its PUMA program, in cooperation with the Simbex Academy, organized a seminar "How to reduce stress" on Tuesday, 06 November 2018 in its premises.

The modern way of life in front of us puts challenges to which we sometimes are not ready. Very often these challenges increase our ability to deal with them, and there is a process that we call stress. Scientific research shows that stress affects work efficiency, relationships with other people, as well as other aspects of life. It can have a negative effect on physical and mental health - it can even change the expression of our genes! Although this is not always apparent, stress daily, little by little, changes our body and mind. You may have felt this to some extent on your own. How often do you happen to be ugly, deconcentrated or unmotivated by stress? Have you ever had any stress on health, on duty at work or in communication with other people because of stress? Have you ever wanted to react differently to a stressful situation?

Most of us experience life-time with stress - whatever they know and do. In childhood, most of us learn how to run, but not how to calm our own body under stress. We learn to use energy, but few of us in time find out how to conserve energy and properly allocate energy. Imagine how different your life would be if you had several simple yet effective stress-relief tools! These tools, as well as other useful stress information, are presented at the seminar.

During an interactive meeting, the participants learned how to increase their own stress resistance and stay potty even in the most demanding moments. The seminar provides specific tips for identifying stress sources and more effectively addressing stressful situations, through practical exercises.

An excellent seminar by the opinion of the participants was held by Lina Višić, a psychologist with experience in the field of health, clinical and organizational psychology.

This seminar was held under the PUMA program in Osijek-Baranja County, which HUP Regional Office Osijek has been implementing for more than ten years.

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