HUP leadership meets with economy minister


On February 10, at the seat of the Croatian Ministry of Economy, a meeting was held between the minister, Tomislav Panenić, and the representatives of the Croatian Employers’ Association (HUP). HUP representatives used the occasion to express their support to the minister in his intention to start resolving the biggest challenges regarding the development of the economy and attracting new investments as soon as possible. Furthermore, at the meeting the employers mentioned a number of obstacles the Croatian entrepreneurs have to get around, stressing the parafiscal charges and the need for analyzing and revoking unnecessary levies.
HUP representatives and minister Panenić agreed that public procurement was a priority issue that needed to be tackled head-on, with the aim of improving the regulatory framework and thus increasing the level of competitiveness of the Croatian companies and creating new jobs. One of the key issues that the social partners plan to address is removing business barriers and embarking on a regulatory guillotine. They also touched on the development of the energy sector, including the issue of researching carbon hydrogen deposits. After the meeting, a continuous sharing of information and closer cooperation between the ministry and HUP was agreed on. The following HUP representatives attended the meeting: chairwoman Gordana Deranja, director general Davor Majetić, deputy director general Bernard Jakelić, chairman of the Supervisory Board Branko Roglić, members of the Executive Board Tomislav Thür and Zdenko Adrović, member of the Council of Members Ivan Mišetić, member of the Advisory Board Zvonimir Mršić, and chairman of the SME Association at HUP Petar Lovrić.

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