Heineken Croatia is the main winner of this year's HUP DOP award


Zagreb, 14.12.2018. - The award ceremony of the Croatian Employers' Association for Corporate Social Responsibility (HUP DOP) was held in the Crystal Hall of the Westin Hotel. A total of eight prizes were awarded in the categories of small, medium and large companies and in four areas: environmental care, employee care, community care and the promotion of socially responsible business within the company's supply chain. Heineken Croatia won the Grand Prize of HUP and was presented by Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović, President of the Republic of Croatia and Gordana Deranja, President of the Croatian Employers' Association. The ceremony was attended by Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Croatia and Agriculture Minister Tomislav Tolušić, and Minister of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts Darko Horvat, who also awarded the awards to the winners with the representatives of HUP.

By awarding the best examples of socially responsible business, the HUP promotes and encourages their wider application in Croatia, in order to benefit businesses and communities from sustainable business principles, which is the interest of all stakeholders. As part of the event, aswards "Sjaj" were awarded by the Business Initiative Dobra Hrvatska, HUP and Global Compact Network Croatia, and they have been awarded to companies that have good practices in corporate social responsibility visible online. "There is no success without responsibility. Long time has passed when companies did not have to think about how they relate to their stakeholders and resources and the environment - if ever it was possible. Also without success and profit there is no responsible business. We, the employers gathered in the Croatian Employers' Association, want to encourage our members to constantly move their borders and raise their goals in terms of their own responsibilities towards the community and its stakeholders" - said Gordana Deranja, President of CEA.

Heineken Croatia won the Grand Prize for Corporate Social Responsibility for three projects: Croatian Barley for Karlovačko Beer, Green Business of Heineken Croatia, and Care for the community we work in. Heineken Croatia started a project for the purchase of domestic barley for its most popular beer - Karlovačko, and today uses 100 percent of Croatian barley in beer. In 2017 they reduced their CO2 emissions to 6.2 kg / hl, and from the end of 2016 they used only green electricity (ZelEn) from the renewable sources in the brewery in Karlovac. In the last nine years, water consumption decreased by 40%, while in the same period the amount of unsorted industrial waste decreased by 86%. Heineken Croatia is involved in the sponsorship of the most important local events and donations supported by projects and activities that contribute to a better quality of life in Karlovac and Karlovac County. Projects mainly relate to infrastructure works and arrangement of public areas for outdoor sports activities, arrangement of common rooms (social homes) or the premises of associations / societies operating in quarters, planning of walkways / common public spaces.

In the category of big companies, Ericsson Nikola Tesla won the awards for employee care; Coca-Cola HBC Croatia for the Promotion of Corporate Social Responsibility within the Supply Chain, Cemex Croatia for Environmental Care and HP Hrvatska pošta for Community Care.

In the category of medium-sized companies the award was won by the Specijalna bolnica sv. Katarina for a clinical implementation of a pharmacogenomic testing in everyday practice, aimed at significantly reducing ineffective drug prescribing and increasing the efficiency of the health system.

In the Small Business category, the awards were won by Sustav javnih bicikala (Nextbike) and the Arosa Grande for Environmental Care.


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