Gordana Deranja, President of the Board of the Pula-based Tehnomont Inc., specialized in nautical tourism, shipbuilding and metal processing, has been elected president of the Croatian Employers’ Association for a two-year term.
Ms. Deranja has been the President of Industrial Associations in the CEA for several years, won the Woman- Manager of the Year award in 2008 and 2013 and in 2011 award for women working in big companies. She has been the President of the Tehnomont company since 1998.
„The Croatian Employers' Association is a very important social partner and our mission is not only to protect the rights and interests of the business community but also to protect the wider community and to improve living conditions of the Croatian society.- said Ms Deranja after the elections.

“We strongly advocate structural reforms, U-turns in the economic policy and improved entrepreneurial climate which can boost investments. Better working conditions for our members lead to cutting unemployment, better wages, state budget growth and possibilities to better education, health care and other public goods. The current crisis lasts too long and the consequences are very harsh, but it does not mean that we are the only ones to be suffering, it’ll have impact on our children’s lives as well.” – added Gordana Deranja, first woman at the head of the CEA since its establishment in 1993.
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