Gibonni and Matija Dedić gala concert opens the Month of cultural and creative industries


Month of cultural and creative industries was officialy opened with a special performance by Gibonni and Matija Dedić in the „Blagoje Bersa“ hall of the Music Academy in Zagreb. To numerous guests, representatives of the state and local governments, businessmen and domestic cultural and creative industries actors, Zlatan Stipišić Gibonni and Matija Dedić presented the unusual musical combination of Dalmatian sensibility and continental jazz influence. Songs such as „Tempera“, „Činim pravu stvar“ and „Divji cvit“ were given new guise in acoustic arrangement, accompanied by contrabass, violin, piano and percussions.
The ceremony was opened with a premiere of a ten-minute film „Creative Croatia 2016.“, produced by HDS ZAMP (Music copyrights protection service at the Croatian Composers Society (HDS)), also the organizer of the evening together with partners, musical associations, CMU, Croatian performers’ rights collecting society - HUZIP and Croatian Discography Association - HDU. To see the film that highlights the importance and economic potential of domestic cultural and creative industries, follow the link below.

After the welcoming speeches by Jasminka Martinović (Croatian Employers' Association) and Ivana Nikolić Popović (Croatian cluster of cultural and creative industries), participants were addressed by Margareta Mađerić, representative of the President of the Parliament academician Željko Reiner and the mayor of Zagreb, Milan Bandić, stressing the role of creative people in society and wishing the manifestation every success.

In his speech, Antun Tomislav Šaban, the Secretary General of the Croatian Composers Society, referred to the rich musical and cultural heritage and the importance of evaluating creative work, and then announced the performance by Matija and Zlatan "as sons of great Arsen and Ljube who follow in the footsteps of their fathers“.

Gibonni and Matija Dedić, accompanied by musicians Hrvoje Rupčić, Marko Ramljak, Marko Reljanović, Darija Hodnik and Brankica Jovanovski, treated the audience with an unforgettable experience. Describing culture as "an icebreaker that is able to break through all boundaries and barriers", Gibonni announced the Month of creative and cultural industries ahead in the most beautiful way. To find out more about The Month of cultural and creative industies program, go to

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