Entrepreneurs' day is an annual gathering of employers, highest government representatives, NGOs, Trade Unions, foreign diplomats and other stakeholders interested in business and entrepreneurship and promotion of better entrepreneurial climate. Both President Ivo Josipović and Prime Minister Zoran Milanović were present - they opened the ceremony in the Zagreb Westin Hotel on 9th June 2014.
Ivica Mudrinić, the CEA president in front of ca. 600 guests highlighted: “Everybody who is blocking necessary changes and implementation of reforms is co-responsible for the present situation in the country and menacing future trends”

Davor Majetić, Director General, presented the CEA score latest results for 12 areas (excluding social dialogue). The CEA Score uses 73 indicators for Croatia and comparable EU countries. It links them to measure progress, results, and reforms in those areas.

The CEA Score proves that the Croatian economy has not seen much improvement since the last measurement, six months ago. The worst results have been recorded in the area of productivity and competitiveness, investment climate, judiciary, fiscal consolidation, labour market and investment results. The Investments have fallen under 20% of GDP and reached the lowest levels in the last ten years.

Both the CEA president and the Director General emphasised the urgent need to change, the main difference between the countries that have succeeded in regaining growth and Croatia is willingness to implement reforms. Reforms may be painful but are essential. Therefore the title: The Time of Change.
Young entrepreneurs from different economic areas were panellists,- representing the “next generation” of entrepreneurs.

Although only 26% of citizens have a completely positive opinion about entrepreneurs, more than 60% believe that only entrepreneurs can get the country out of the crisis.

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