Easier visa issuance for business partners and foreign investors to Croatia

Business partners or future investors can easily obtain visa with a letter of reference by the CEA president

The Directorate General for EU and international law and consular affairs of the Ministry of Foreign and European affairs organised a meeting on 10th September 2013 in order to inform the business community about new opportunities of easier visa issuing for business people with a letter of recommendation by the president of the Croatian Employers’ Association, the Croatian Chamber of Economy, the Croatian Chamber of Trades and Craft or the Croatian exporters.

With such a letter, multiply-entry visa can be obtained for one year and, the next time one submits a request for a multiply-entry visa for a period of five years. Such letter of recommendation should contain the following information: description of the circumstances of business partner’s travel, his/her importance for the Croatian business community, his/her personal data and the data on the company s/he is visiting in Croatia.
The letter of recommendation should be submitted either directly to the Diplomatic&Consular Representative Office, where a foreign partner submits a visa application, or to the MFA Service for Visa issuance vize@mvep.hr.
Entry permit can be required and obtained in any of the Croatian Diplomatic&Consular offices in the world on client’s request. New procedure has been in force since 11th September 2013.

New system is supposed to expedite foreign investors' coming and also contribute to the promotion of the business climate in the country.
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