Croatian Employers' Association and Transparency International Croatia to sign an Agreement on business collaboration


The Croatian Employers’ Association and the Transparency International Croatia to collaborate in preventing corruption and promoting democratic values and fair competition

The International anti-corruption day, 9th December, was a good date to sign an Agreement on business collaboration. The agreement was signed by the CEA Deputy Director General Mr Bernard Jakelić and the TIC president Ms Davorka Budimir.



The Associations will work together on preventing corruption and promoting fair competition in order to acquire overall and economic development of the Republic of Croatia. The work will focus on, among other topics, giving recommendations and guidelines for fight against corruption, organisation of trainings, monitoring and assessment of the reforms implemented by the state and public authorities.

„Corruption is neither left-wing nor right-wing. It has always been an act of an individual who has to bear consequences for his/her actions. Most of the Croatian companies understand the moment and the context we are in. Corruption is an individual act and cannot be a reason to blame the whole economy and all the entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs have higher responsibility, but also have a right to know well in advance the conditions they will operate in, in order to act responsibly with the due care and diligence of a good businessman. Moreover, from now on, every citizen is invited to work in a way to incorporate a part of his/her know-how and responsibility to live in a different and better way.“, stressed the TIC president Davorka Budimir.

„The Croatian Employers Association and its members advocate respect of law and transparency in public and private sector. High-quality laws and regulations go hand-in-hand with monitoring of their implementation. The CEA has been reiterating that we need reforms that could, prevent corruption and illegal activities and enhance transparency. Reforms causing deep changes can create conditions for growth we all need. The CEA gives full support to all endeavours which lead to the creation of a better business environment - fighting corruption and improving transparency levels is an important part of achieving it“, stated Bernard Jakelić.
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