CEPP - Centre for European Pre-accession Programme

Croatian Employers' Association has established the Centre for European Pre-accession Programmes (CEPP) in order to provide assistance to entrepreneurs in assessing the possibilities and challenges of absorbing EU funds, after the candidate status has been granted to the Republic of Croatia...
Namely, there has been a need for a proactive approach of CEA as a strategic partner to the Government of the Republic of Croatia, as a multiplier of EU accession activities, particularly in the field of education of potential users on the objective of greater absorption of the pre-accession EU funds and other financial instruments available for Croatia.

CEPP is a coordinating body for informing, provision of advisory services and training for the usage of EU funds and programs in Croatia. Its objectives are awareness raising, collecting and distribution of information and best practices in project design, professional education support and technical assistance in matching the potential beneficiaries’ needs to European financing possibilities. Centre continually promotes the usage of EU funds and programs in order to increase the efficiency of private and public sector for entrance into the EU. CEPP is also partner to the Government and holder of integration activities in defining the needs of industrial sector in order to harmonize to adapt to the EU legislation, and links partner institutions in order to provide technical and advisory assistance both to private and public sector. Since its establishment in 2005, CEPP has established a working relationship with line ministries in this area of expertise, and has constantly been promoting synergies also with other relevant institutions such as academia/ R&D community, development agencies, NGOs, consulting companies etc.
The Centre's activities are primarily focused on education, in terms of elaboration of all EU funds and programs as well as supporting tenders/calls for proposals, in the form of seminars, workshops and consultations. Entrepreneurs are herewith provided with overview of EU funding opportunities, methodology for applying to an EU fund - drafting proposals and budgeting, filling out applications and tender documents, project cycle management and support to implementation and monitoring of project. Along with the trainings, the Centre’s activities are related to the provision of timely information on EU funds and programs, which are also provided on the web site and informative and specialist meetings and gatherings. The Centre provides technical assistance and advice in the process of research, identification and support in all phases of project development and implementation, as well as of establishment of an international lobbying network. This type of assistance is extended free of charge to entrepreneurs and members of the Croatian Employers’ Association. CEPP has also established a working relationship with line ministries in its area of expertise.

It also participates in the development and implementation of CEA's national, international and cross-border European projects, aimed at transferring knowledge and dissemination of best practices in the areas of interest to companies.

One of the important roles of CEPP was also the coordination of negotiating teams on behalf of CEA's representatives from the Croatian business sector, in order to make European legislation more comprehensive and accessible, prior to its implementation into Croatian legislation, and thus to prepare private and public sector to successful adaptation while entering the EU and facing challenges of global market.
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