CEA - Publishing and Printing Association: We seek urgent legal changes


Zagreb, January 7, 2019 - CEA - Publishing and Printing Association expresses deep concern over the recent series of verdicts against multiple print and electronic media brought before Croatian courts in litigation for punishment for emotional pain. We consider the verdicts to be legally unfounded, that is, passed on the basis of too much arbitrary interpretation of the existing regulations, and ultimately unjust.
We believe that the frequency of such verdicts - which can be read almost daily in the media - as well as the inequality of the legal standards on which they are based, on the one hand pose a serious threat to constitutional categories of freedom of expression and media freedom and on the other hand as a generator of general legal insecurity threaten stable business of newspaper publishers, thus reducing their entrepreneurial freedom, yet another constitutionally defined value.

CEA - Publishing and Printing Association  therefore invites the competent state institutions, ministries and the Government of the Republic of Croatia to introduce as soon as possible the necessary legal and other necessary changes that would create clear and predictable rules on publishing responsibility, implementing the position expressed in relevant judgments of the European the Human Rights Court and other relevant international bodies.

Media freedoms, as the basis of functional democracy, are not unlimited and therefore require institutional mechanisms of control.

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