CEA and the Commercial Trade Union of Croatia to establish the Commission for improving work safety


CEA – Employers´ trade Association and the Commercial Trade Union of Croatia signed a Decision on establishing a Commission for improving work safety. The Decision was signed by Dražen Kocijan, president of the CEA – Employers´ trade Association, and Zlatica Štulić, president of the Commercial Trade Union of Croatia. On this occasion, they emphasized that they will, by joint action, preserve, or rather, provide conditions for a stimulating, safe and healthy working environment that contributes to productivity, business success and employee satisfaction in any work environment at local and national level.
By joint signing of the Decision on establishing the Commission for improving work safety, in cooperation with the Institute for the advancement of safety at work, the two national associations will follow and analyze specific issues in the field of occupational safety and health in the trade sector and take practical measures and activities on education and prevention. One of the tasks of the Commission will be to create conditions for the election of commissioners for occupational safety and their coordinators in all working environments, and the Institute has developed practical guidelines to facilitate the implementation of this important activity. The Commission will pay a special attention to the development of social dialogue and cooperation between trade unions, representatives of workers and employers at all levels with the aim of improving and enhancing safety at work.
All participants emphasized that the right to a protection at work is a basic human right, and for that reason has to become an essential part of business policy and corporate social responsibility by all business entities, wherein social partners and their representatives have an important role and common interests.

Admira Ribičić, president of the Governing Board of the Institute for improving work safety and health, and Sanja Smoljak Katić, director of the CEA´s Employers´ trade Association, were present at the signing of the document on cooperation in the field of occupational safety and health, and expressed their support for establishing institutional conditions for cooperation between social partners in this important field.
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