Boška Trbojević is the new president of the Governing Council of Global Compact local network Croatia


At the regular electoral meeting of the Board of the UN Global Compact local network Croatia held on 23rd January 2017 Boška Trbojević, director of the Communication and Public Relations for Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina Coca-Cola HBC Adria was elected for the new president in the next term of two years, taking her new role, Trbojević said: "I am honored to be chosen for president of the Management Board of the Global Compact network in Croatia. This is also the confirmation of recognizing the contribution of Coca-Cola HBC Croatia promoting best principles of corporate social responsibility and sustainable business since its entry to the Croatian market.
In the next year we will be primarily devoted to the implementation of the global objectives of sustainable development adopted at the United Nations Conference on sustainable development on September 25 2015 in New York. The global development goals are universal and must be applicable in all countries and communities and therefore in their implementation should take into account the specific circumstances, requirements and possibilities of each country. Croatia in this regard should identify the most important areas of activity and consider their possibilities of contributing to sustainable development. In this way, we become part of the global partnership for achieving key goals. The first step will be the conference for the representatives of the Croatian Government, the business sector and the academic community."

As a reminder, the Croatian Employers Association (HUP) by signing an agreement with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has become the main carrier of activities in Croatia and contact-point for the UN Global Compact project - an initiative to promote corporate social responsibility. CEA is formally assumed the role of the Secretariat of the Global Compact network in Croatia in 2012. Since then, the presidents of the Board of Directors were Zarko Horvat, director of Holcim and Renata Godek, Director of Marketing and Communications in Koncar.

Global Compact in Croatia today consists of 67 member companies which enables integration into the global, international platform for the exchange of knowledge about better ways of doing business. This includes the transformation of current business practices to those that will deal with issues relevant to corporate social responsibility, ethical standards and environmental protection, considering that only such practice companies provide competitiveness and development.
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