Assembly of CEA – Pharmaceutical Industry Association: Marina Pulišić confirmed for a new one year Presidential mandate of the Executive committee


On April the 7th an Assembly of CEA – Pharmaceutical Industry Association was held in Zagreb, which once again confirmed a new one-year mandate of the previous President of the Executive Committee of the Association to Marina Pulišić, Member of the Board of Jadran Galenic Laboratory from Rijeka.

CEA – Pharmaceutical Industry Association (UPL) consists of eight local member companies: Pliva, Belupo, JGL, Krka Farma, Hospira, PharmaS, Farmal and Imunološki Zavod (at rest) and two associate members Alvogen and UPGL which together account for almost 100% of the production of medicines in Croatia. It's important to state that despite the challenges they face constantly in the domestic market, such as extended payment deadlines and constant pressure on the prices of their products, the member companies of CEA-UPL are operating responsibly towards its partners and suppliers, and regularly supplying patients with drugs.
The activities of the Association are aimed at encouraging and promoting technological and economic development of the pharmaceutical industry in the Republic of Croatia, development and marketing of high-quality, effective and safe medicines with the aim of improving the quality of people's health and quality of health care in general.

In the previous period, the Association has placed particular emphasis on activities aimed at establishing efficient and to Croatian economy applicable drug policy remedies, which a few years ago led the entire system to the reduction of expenses only on a small segment of drugs - prescription medicines and generic parallels, which resulted in a series of irregularities and an irrational spending of public money.

Following the recent activities, CEA - UPL will also continue activities aimed at solving the problem of domestic drug industry, its positioning as a strategic industry in the national economy and as a health system partner and it will continue to influence the creation of favorable business conditions in the Croatian market.

Thanking for the trust given, Ms. Pulišić said: "Our expectations for the next period are that all stakeholders and partners will recognize the importance of the domestic producers of medicines for the benefit of patients, society and the impact on the economic development of the country. Currently an ongoing debate on the new Ordinance on the criteria and method for determining the price of drugs at large and on the method of reporting wholesale prices is expected to bring the introduction of transparent and clear system directed towards the benefit of patients, society and industry as a whole. "

CEA - Association of drugs brings together eight members: Pliva, Belupo, JGL, Krk, Hospira, PharmaS, Farmal and IMZV (at rest) and two associate members Alvogen and UPGL which together account for almost 100% of the domestic production of medicines. Its power is reflected in the fact that the Croatian pharmaceutical industry employs 4,600, mostly highly educated workers, a chain with suppliers the number of employees in the local pharmaceutical industry rises to 10,000. The members of CEA Association realized about 5.2 billion annual revenue and nearly 5.5 percent of revenues invested in research and development. In 2016 CEA - UPL decided on the membership in EGA (European Generic Medicines Association), the most influential European professional pharma association.

MARINA Pulišić, mr. Pharm., began her professional career in 1983 in the pharmacy Jadran in Rijeka on the foundations of which Jadran - Galenic Laboratory (JGL) was established. She participated in all stages of growth and development of the company, doing the whole range of different activities and is a member of the Board JGL. He is an active and whole-hearted promoter of pharmaceutical profession, highlighting the many values of this interdisciplinary field that experts delivers outstanding breadth and platform to perform the most responsible jobs.
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