21.1.2019. Workshop for CEA members: Creative and manipulative accounting, HUP, Radnička cesta 52/1, Zagreb, 10:00


We invite you to a workshop that will be held on Monday, January 21, 2019, starting at 10 am, at HUP premises in Zagreb, Radnička cesta 52, 1st floor titled:  "Creative and manipulative accounting"
The purpose of the financial statements is to present, in a realistic, truthful and fair manner, key information on the financial and accounting operations of a particular company. This is expected by all external users of financial statements who are of different interest and perspective in constant search for useful and accurate information that is not the result of various manipulations.

Creative accounting was initially conceived for the purpose of providing a more realistic and objective view of the financial position and the business results of entrepreneurs within the accounting regulatory framework. There are a number of goals that make up for creative accounting, and the most important ones are: maintaining investor confidence, generating bonus rights, preparing for takeover, or defending against hostile takeover, and postponing profit tax for the next period. 

The lecturer is Nikola Nikšić, a certified management consultant.

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