15.11.2018. Work luncheon with minister Marko Pavić, Hotel Antunović, Zagrebačka avenija 100a, Zagreb, 13:00 09.11.2018.


The announced pension reform has recently been one of the most intriguing topics for our society, as it relates to those who work, to current retirees and to younger generations who are just entering the world of work. The results of the pension reform will determine long-term social and economic relations in our country.
The current pension system for a number of years is not sustainable: the ratio of workers and retirees is almost 1: 1, only 57% of working people are employed, only about 20% of today's retired people have full working experience, while about 30% of retirees have worked for 15 years or fewer still have the lowest pensions today. Some of the current retirees live on the border or below the poverty line, but there is a significant proportion of eligible retirees, spending more than 20% of the first pillar or about 8 billion a year. The state's annual pension obligations amount to about 39 billion HRK, and only about 55% of this amount is able to be collected from the salaries of the employed, while the remaining 17 billion missing from the budget is settled out of the budget.
Reform announces prolonged life expectancy at 67 years, greater early retirement deprivation, greater employability of current retirees with retirement retirement, choice of pensions from both pillars or only the first pillar, a 27% supplement for all or some future retirees, some of which from topics shared by citizens, various interest groups and experts. At the working lunch with Minister Marko Pavić, we will discuss all of the above topics, and you will always have the opportunity to set up the issues so far not mentioned.
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