13.11.2018. HUP & GOOGLE HRVATSKA Workshop for members of CEA: Google Adwords, Radnička cesta 52/1, 10:00 13.11.2018.


The Croatian Employers' Association in partnership with Google Croatia invites you to another workshop that will be held in Zagreb under the Digital Garage Program, which will cover the topic:

 The workshop will be held on November 13 at HUP's premises, Radnička cesta 52/1, Zagreb, starting at 10:00. Expected workshop duration is 1 hour and 30 minutes with snack & coffee break.
From this fall, the Croatian Employers' Association in partnership with Google is implementing the Digital Garage program, which includes a range of free tutoring for HUP members on digital start-up and development tools. For workshops, we want digital skills to empower the country's current and future workforce and help small and medium-sized businesses accelerate their growth and allow them access to global markets.


If you want to attract new site visitors, increase online sales, make more calls or encourage users to come back, Google AdWords can help.

Advertise locally or globally.

Target ads to users in certain countries, regions, cities, or at a distance from your business or trade.

Get the most suitable audience at the right time.


Marin Zlatarić

Marin is a digital marketing expert who places emphasis on inbound approach and methodology when developing the strategy. Certified Google Partner for Google AdWords Advertising Program, SEM-rush Specialist and Inbound Specialist. He is the owner of a full-service digital agency based in Zagreb called "Aureus Consulting & 360 Agency", whose main activities are digital marketing focusing on inbound methodology, consulting and education of companies and entrepreneurs, and e-commerce development, leadership and advertising. Marin and his team have held many digital marketing education in collaboration with many well-known companies and brands throughout Croatia within the company as well as lecturer partners as Crafts Chamber, Croatian Tourist Board and many others. Currently working as a director of the agency and as project manager in the agency and lecturer at Algebra within the "Internet Marketing Specialist" education program. Additionally, Marin participates as a lecturer on the Digital Garage project, which aims to provide access to free education on digital tools for launching and developing online business for small and medium businesses.

Please kindly come to hup@hup.hr at the latest by November 11, 2018. By signing you provided a place at the workshop. Workshops are free for HUP members.
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