Social dimension of EU/EMU

Since the outset of the European project, EU economic integration has had a positive impact on growth and employment, and therefore on European citizens‟ prosperity.
Business is the backbone of Europe‟s economy. The single market is its cornerstone, and the single currency its heart.
If Europe does not have a healthy heart, it will not have a promising future. Safeguarding the euro continues to be a top priority. Citizens are not suffering because of the Euro. They are suffering from bad past political choices, which the advantages of the Single Market and of the Euro contributed to hide.
If Europe does not have a strong cornerstone, it will not have thriving companies delivering growth and jobs. The single market has led to the creation of 3 million new jobs since its creation. It contributes significantly to reaching Europe‟s social objectives. Measures to further develop the Single Market are therefore essential.


Croatian Constitutional court suspended questionable provisions of the Income tax law

The Croatian Employers' Association's proposal to the Croatian Constitutional Court to assess the constitutionality of the questionable provisions which prescribed retroactive taxation of dividends earned from retained profit prior to the law enforcement was found well-grounded.


Croatian Orbico and Indonesian Global Putra International to establish joint-ventures

Branko Roglić, owner of the Croatian company Orbico and a distinguished CEA member and one of the founders of the Croatian Employers’ Association, and Sumadi Kusuma, Global Putra International CEO ( transport and distribution Co.) signed an agreement on establishing a joint-venture Orbico Global, the first of three planned joint ventures, one Zagreb-based, two of them in Jacarta and Hong-Kong. Branko Roglić expressed his satisfaction with the collaboration he established with the Indonesian partner and pointed out good potential for investments in Croatia, despite some difficulties foreign investors might encounter.


Catalogue of investment opportunities Republic of Croatia

On the web site of the Government is Catalogue investment opportunities in Croatia in English and contains information about:

• institutions important for investment,
• portfolio of state,
• private institutions,
• A brief overview of legislation.



The Council of the European Union, after Croatia’s joining the European Union, passed a decision to include Croatian representatives in the EU working bodies, and Davor Majetić, Director General of the Croatian Employers' Association, is elected representative of the EECS.

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