PUMA Seminar Held

So that the employers can be informed of the changes in the Law on Ensuring Worker Claims in the Event of a Bankruptcy of an Employer, the Croatian Employers' Association organized a consultation session, which took place on Friday, 19 February 2016 at the CEA Regional Office Osijek on the topic: Insurance of worker claims if an employer’s accounts are blocked.


Visit of US Ambassador Julieta Valls Noyes to CEA

On Friday, 19 November 2016, CEA representatives met with the U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Croatia Julieta Valls Noyes. The meeting took place at CEA. She was welcomed by the CEA Chief Director Davor Majetić, Deputy Director Bernard Jakelić, President of the Supervisory Board Branko Roglić, council member Damir Kuštrak and Nataša Novaković, advisor to the chief director for the labor market and human resources.


HUP leadership meets with economy minister

On February 10, at the seat of the Croatian Ministry of Economy, a meeting was held between the minister, Tomislav Panenić, and the representatives of the Croatian Employers’ Association (HUP). HUP representatives used the occasion to express their support to the minister in his intention to start resolving the biggest challenges regarding the development of the economy and attracting new investments as soon as possible. Furthermore, at the meeting the employers mentioned a number of obstacles the Croatian entrepreneurs have to get around, stressing the parafiscal charges and the need for analyzing and revoking unnecessary levies.


Summit 100: Regional co-operation towards competitiveness

Summit100 business leaders suggest the policy may be expected to generate security, stability and confidence and to create specific regional policy in various sectors of the economy, while at the same time launch initiatives for concrete regional projects, said Iztok Seljak, Chairman of the Managament Board of Summit100. "We discussed the co-ordination of projects in the fields of infrastructure, transport, ICT, transport and energy, as it is the basis for increasing competitiveness in all other projects. Today we saw the light of competing regional projects in the field of tourism, agriculture, food and other areas of the economy; that we are committed to will take concrete steps within six to twelve months. I believe that we will speak about concrete projects that will be co-financed by the European Commission and the European Investment Bank, whose representatives were at the meeting. These projects are in the common interest not merely for us in the region, but also the whole of Europe”, opined Seljak.


SUMMIT100: We need to take responsibility to develop the region

“I am convinced that this year's Summit100 takes large steps towards the achievement of the vision that we have already, that in five to ten years we will become a region that will not be the last place in Europe as we perceived today”, said President of Board of Directors Iztok Seljak opening this year's Summit100. "I am confident that we will then become a dynamic, propulsive, dynamic and high-tech region that will be a rôle model, to pursue the conditions and possibilities of work and at the same time attract quality manpower from other countries that today we are losing," said Seljak.

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