Croatian Employers' Association held a press conference related to the most important proposals of amendments to the Public Procurement Act


Zagreb, 29 March 2016 - Croatian Employers' Association presented at the press conference the most important proposals of amendments to the Public Procurement Act which should ensure greater transparency and efficiency of the system. Representatives of the Croatian Employers' Association handed the full document, which includes proposals for changes to other regulations that define the procedures within the public procurement system to the Minister of Economy, Tomislav Panenić and other relevant counterparts in the Ministry of Economy.
The primary objective of the proposed changes in the current system of public procurement is to protect public and private interests, ie. To ensure more efficient use of public funds. So that the CEA's proposal would offer best possible solutions to the widest range of barriers faced by bidders and contracting authorities, the CEA formed a working group in 2014 that included forty participants. Representatives of small, medium and large enterprises participated in the makings of the materials – both from private and public sectors who have experience in the roles of the client as well as the roles of the bidder. Representativeness of the representatives of the Working Group, as well as their expertise in the field of public procurement guarantees that the proposed solutions will represent the interests of all companies that in any way participate in public procurement. The discussion involved representatives of associations of municipalities and cities as contracting authorities who also argue that the current system of public procurement can improve and enhance.

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