CEA Coordination of social welfare with relevant ministries


At the initiative of the CEA Coordination of Social Welfare and with the involvement by the representatives from the Ministry of Economy, on 5 April, 2016, a meeting was held with the representatives from the Ministry of Social Policy and Youth, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Business and Trade, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Interior Affairs.
The aim of the meeting was to jointly address the issues and problems faced by private institutions in the social welfare and health care sector. Private institutions can, through their capacity, qualified staff and offer, and with the support from the relevant ministries, contribute to the development of health tourism in the Republic of Croatian. Bernard Jakelić, deputy director of the CEA, welcomed the willingness of the representatives of the ministries to cooperate and stressed that only joint cooperation and direct communication of entrepreneurs and relevant ministries can result in high quality developments and realization of a number of ideas and projects that entrepreneurs in health care and social welfare have. The meeting was participated by: Daniel Hinšt, Ministry of economy; Denis Kovačić, Ministry of Health; Vesna Rajković and Marko Novak, Ministry of Tourism; Petar Šimić, Vladimir Kramarić and Mila Ćorić, Ministry of Business and Trade; Jasna Divić and Josip Sarić, Ministry of Social Policy and Youth; Ljiljana Maglić Radoš, Ministry of Interior Affairs; and the representatives of employers: Dubravka Lekić, Ivana Kovačić, Kornelija Šobot, Leonarda Tarandek, Bernard Jakelić, CEA´s deputy director, and Marijana Filipić, director of the CEA´s industry associations.

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